Magnolia Counseling seeks to affect thousands of individuals and children each year. Regrettably, our program fees alone do not cover the total cost of these very important activities.

Magnolia Counseling counts on the support from the community in order to ensure program continuation, enhancement and growth. Magnolia Counseling's non-profit status allows us to receive support from a large spectrum of businesses, foundations, and community individuals.

We invite you to participate in the development of our community programs. Your donation can make a large difference in many families' lives. Your generosity can insure that people that could not afford professional psychotherapy can receive the long overdue services they need.

We pledge that all funds donated to Magnolia Counseling are used toward program enhancement & treatment purposes only. Special projects and treatment goals that need funding this year include:

Here's how you can help.

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* Magnolia Counseling is a non-profit organization.
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