We know that adoption is not as simple as just bringing a baby home and starting your new family. Many challenges can arise as your adoptive child develops. Issues such as difference, wondering about birth parents and cultural issues are important to address as your child starts to inquire about where they came from?

Therapy is especially important when children have been adopted from abusive or neglectful circumstances. Your adoptive child may have special education needs or genetic behavioral problems that require them to be seen by a mental health professional. Magnolia Counseling provides support and child therapy services to address these issues and provide families a place to discuss and solve problems as they arise.

Magnolia Counseling provides a variety of options for selecting a therapy method that is best suited to your needs. You do not have to do it alone. To reserve a face-to-face therapy session with one of our helpful therapist, please contact us at (818) 757-7600.