Providing relief and guidance.


Magnolia Counseling provides relief, guidance and help for individuals seeking a break from life's tribulations.

We seek to help people live more fulfilling, purposeful, peaceful, joy-filled and whole lives.

All human beings at one time or another face what seems like insurmountable problems and uncomfortable feelings. We realize how these feelings can cause stress and confusion. Our hope is that each individual leave our program leading a lifestyle that contains self-respect, good health, mature love, peace of mind, true friendship, sense of accomplishment and self-esteem.

Our trained and experienced therapists have helped people of all ages deal with problems such as:

Eating Disorders Stress Management Anger Management Couples Counseling
Marital Conflict Depression Children of Alcoholics Incest
Sexual abuse Anxiety 12 Step Support Career Counseling
Blended Families Gay & Lesbian Issues Co-Dependency Living with Terminal Illness
Bereavement & Grief Issues Parenting Child Behavioral Problems Adolescent Issues
Sexual Disorders Communication Problems Divorce & Separation Two Home Families
Adoption Issues Mid-Life Transition Shame Single Parenting

Magnolia Counseling provides a variety of options for selecting a therapy method that is best suited to your needs. You do not have to do it alone. To reserve a face-to-face therapy session with one of our helpful therapist, please contact us at (818) 757-7600.