Mood Problems

Few things are more stressful to a family, than when a family member has a mood problem. Often, there are two in the family with a similar genetic mood disorder which creates a tremendous amount of family stress and discord. We can not create our best effort for these families without having a dynamic interaction with, "the brain." Whether we are working in conjunction with a psychiatrist, internist, homeopathic or traditional Chinese practitioners, we encourage our clients to seek treatment that improves brain function.

At Magnolia Counseling, we offer EEG Neurofeedback, as our contribution to this interaction with the brain. Neurofeedback can be used in conjunction with other treatments or after other options have provided little results. In addition, talk therapy at Magnolia Counseling seeks to assist our clients with education, coping skills and assessment.

Magnolia Counseling provides a variety of options for selecting a therapy method that is best suited to your needs. You do not have to do it alone. To reserve a face-to-face therapy session with one of our helpful therapist, please contact us at (818) 757-7600.