Marriage Preparation

When starting a life together, it is so crucial that a young couple understands what to expect from married life. People generally have only the model that they saw from their parents, as to how a marriage works. For many of us, the model that our parents presented for marriage, was filled with anger, isolation and or criticism.

Pre-marital therapy can assist a new couple in launching their marriage with realistic expectations. Our therapists at Magnolia Counseling will typically see a young couple for 5 to 7 sessions, using a variety of homework, exercises and discussion to help them prepare for their marital journey.

Magnolia Counseling provides a variety of options for selecting a therapy method that is best suited to your needs. You do not have to do it alone. To reserve a face-to-face therapy session with one of our helpful therapist, please contact us at (818) 757-7600.