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cover Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual Addiction
by Patrick J. Carnes
cover The Heart of Addiction: A New Approach to Understanding and Managing Alcoholism and Other Addictive Behaviors
by Lance M. Dodes
cover Witness to the Fire: Creativity and the Veil of Addiction
by Linda Schierse Leonard
cover Addictive Thinking: Understanding Self-Deception
by Abraham J. Twerski
cover Alcoholics Anonymous: Reproduction of the First Printing of the First Edition cover Rational Recovery: The New Cure for Substance Addiction
by Jack Trimpey
cover Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach
by Howard Glasser, Jennifer Easley
cover Power Parenting for Children With Add/Adhd: A Practical Parent's Guide for Managing Difficult Behaviors
by Grad L. Flick, et al;
cover The Challenging Child: Understanding, Raising, and Enjoying the Five 'Difficult' Types of Children
by Stanley I. Greenspan, et al;
cover Good Kids, Difficult Behavior: A Guide to What Works & What Doesn't
by Joyce E. Divinyi, Elizabeth Fallon
cover The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict after a Difficult Divorce
by Elizabeth Thayer Ph.D., Jeffrey Zimmerman Ph.D
cover Helping Your Difficult Child Behave: A Guide to Improving Children's Self-Control Without Losing Your Own
by Michael Schwarzchild
cover Parenting Your Out-of-Control Teenager: 7 Steps to Reestablish Authority and Reclaim Love
by Scott P. Sells
cover Parents Teens and Boundaries: How to Draw the Line
by Jane Bluestein, PHD
cover Beyond Anger: A Guide for Men: How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Anger and Get More Out of Life
by Thomas J. Harbin; Paperback
cover When Chicken Soup Isn't Enough: Managing Your Anger in an Increasingly Angry World
by Bradley P., Ph.D. Barris
cover Anger Management Workbook
by W. A. Angus
cover Dealing With Anger
by Sandy Livingstone, et al
cover Anger Management: A Practical Guide
by Adrian Faupel, et al
cover The Miracle of Living Without Anger
by Bradley P. Barris
cover Mom's House, Dad's House: Making Two Homes for Your Child
by Isolina, Ph.D. Ricci;
cover Child Custody: Building Parenting Agreements That Work (Child Custody, 3rd Ed)
by Mimi E. Lyster, et al
cover Divorce Poison: Protecting the Parent-Child Bond from a Vindictive Ex
by Richard A., Dr Warshak
cover Dinosaurs Divorce: A Guide for Changing Families
by Marc Tolon Brown, Laurence Krasny Brown
cover Caught in the Middle: Protecting the Children of High-Conflict Divorce
by Carla B. Garrity, Mitchell A. Baris
cover Joint Custody With a Jerk: Raising a Child With an Uncooperative Ex
by Julia A. Ross, et al