About Us

Magnolia Counseling began in 1997 from the inspiration and insight of Clifford Robinson, a Marriage Family and Child Therapist in Los Angeles, California.

The original goal for Magnolia Counseling was to create an emotionally healthy environment that could provide services for everyone, regardless of cultural background, age, economic status or religion.

"My hope is to create an environment where families can heal, however if people don't start doing something different with their lives nothing is going to change, we encourage active change, not just talking about it; but doing it."
- Clifford Robinson, Director

In order to fulfill this dream, the Board of Directors for Magnolia Counseling have adopted a Monthly Sliding Scale Program. Client's fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, contingent on their ability to pay. Clients who receive a sliding scale fee arrangement are required to pay costs on a monthly basis rather than per session. This arrangement allows us to alleviate the high cost of providing community mental health services, while keeping motivated clients and reaching a larger population base. Clients who can afford psychotherapy at regular rates or who have health insurance are asked to do so at the current customary charge. A percentage of these fees are then used to help support the sliding scale and other community programs

The time is now! With these and other upcoming programs, Magnolia Counseling hopes to eliminate all obstacles that would prevent families and individuals from receiving mental health care.

For appointments please call:

18345 Ventura Blvd. #305
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 757-7600


What makes Magnolia Counseling unique is our goal to provide quality psychotherapy at affordable rates according to one's ability to pay. Our fee structure is based on a sliding scale*.

This means that qualified individuals and families can receive counseling based on their family income. While no-cost therapy can be found at local community health clinics and high priced therapy can be accessed through private practitioners, our services attempt to target those in the economic core of our community. Many of our clients opt to use private insurance to meet their mental health needs. Licensed therapists on staff treat eligible insured clients. We currently are accepting the following insurance plans:

Please call for an appointment and find out that money never has to be an obstacle to quality mental health care.

* Not all applicants will qualify for sliding-scale fees. Proof of income is required via latest tax return, last four paycheck stubs or statement of income from the Internal Revenue Service.