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As we leave our family of origin and seek to start our own family systems, we are far too often faced with unexpected obstacles.

These problems can be emotionally based; such as feeling lonely because we are not getting enough attention from our partner or feeling angry that we are being taken for granted by others.

Additional problems may start from unforeseeable circumstances, such as the birth of a new baby, the loss of a loved one, a family member who has an addiction, loss of income, illness or a traumatic event.

These difficult times can prove to be the life events that hold families together or pushes them apart. During these times, a family provided with a neutral and therapeutic environment to identify, clarify and resolve their conflicts can be a helpful tool in settling problems.

Other family difficulties may arise as parents attempt to cope with their child's adolescence and independence. You know, that dreaded stage when your loving obedient child gives you that look as if they don't know you and don't want you telling them what to do.

These issues can become especially difficult if your teenager has learning or emotion problems that coincide with their need to differentiate. Contrary to popular belief, this period in life does not have to be a living nightmare. When provided an opportunity, parents and children both can learn new ways of seeing themselves as important and valuable members of their families. Magnolia Counseling's goal is to provide families with this opportunity.

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