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Relationship Therapy

As we all know communication is the key to having healthy relationships, how are we to know what is the best way to communicate with others? If we come from a family that communicated by yelling or threatening, most likely we are going to do what was done to us.

Likewise, we may have realized that yelling is not the way to happiness and therefore promised ourselves that we would "never" yell or hurt anyone by raising our voice.

This may lead to communication that is passive and powerless. In either instance our ability to connect with others has broken down.

Whether a new couple trying to learn how to hear one another, an experienced couple trying to re-light the old flame, a businessman trying to communicate better with his colleagues or a parent trying to reconnect with their kids' better communication takes practice.

The therapists at Magnolia Counseling, use proven communication, group, family and child therapy techniques to teach our clients the value of attentive, consistent and expressive communication and listening skills.

Couples and individuals are encourage to use the therapy office as a place they can "try-on" new ways of communicating and listening to one another. They are given positive feedback and insightful suggestions on how others are seeing us and how to change are behavior to get what we need from others.

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